North East players take on GMs & IMs in All-Play-Alls

Three young North East players, James Moreby, Yichen Han and Max Turner, will take on GMs and IMs in the Northumbria Masters All-Play-Alls over the Bank Holiday weekend of 26-30 August.

The games will be broadcast live on Chess24, Lichess and

The full lineup for the GM norm tournament is here:

GM Mark Hebden (ENG, 2476)
GM Andrei Maksimenko (UKR, 2424)
IM Matthew Wadsworth (ENG, 2418)
GM Bogdan Lalic (CRO, 2415)
IM-elect Jonah Willow (ENG, 2393)
FM Harry Grieve (ENG, 2390)
FM Tom O’Gorman (IRL, 2389)
FM Yichen Han (NED, 2332)
FM Rajat Makkar (FRA, 2300)
FM James Moreby (ENG, 2300)

(Average rating: 2383.7)

And the lineup for the IM norm tournament is here:

FM Daniel Fischer (SUI, 2373)
IM Angus Dunnington (SCO, 2361)
FM William Claridge-Hansen (ENG, 2345)
FM Hamish Olson (SCO, 2343)
IM Gavin Wall (IRL, 2306)
Dong Bao Nghia (VIE, 2294)
Max Turner (ENG, 2247)
Viktor Stoyanov (ENG, 2246)
IM Stephen Mannion (SCO, 2232)
Aaravamudhan Balaji (ENG, 2194)

(Average rating: 2294.1)

The pairings (with colours) for both round robin tournaments will be posted here on the evening of Friday 12 August.