Latest: 153 Entries for Northumbria Masters Congress

The Northumbria Masters Congress is nearing its capacity of 180 players, and the last two dozen or so places are expected to be filled in the coming days. Once maximum capacity is reached, entries will be closed and players enquiring about entry will be put on a waiting list.

As of August 3, a total of 153 entries had been received for the Northumbria Masters Congress, including:

  • The following players for the GM norm all-play-all: GMs Tamas Fodor Jr (HUN), Matthew Turner (SCO) & Alexander Cherniaev (RUS); IMs Ravi Haria, Peter Roberson, Matthew Wadsworth & David Eggleston (all ENG); FMs Marcus Harvey (ENG) & Conor Murphy (IRL). There remains 1 player to be confirmed (2380+ required, any nationality). Interested players should contact Congress Director Tim Wall (
  • The following players for the IM norm all-play-all: IMs Peter Large (ENG), Andrew Muir and Roderick McKay (both SCO); FMs Jonah Willow, James Moreby, Harry Grieve (all ENG), Iain Gourlay (SCO), Yichen Han (NED); and Shreyas Royal (ENG). The final player is expected to be confirmed in the next few days.
  • 59 entries for the Northumbria Masters (Open), including 4 Grandmasters (Danny Gormally (ENG), Marian Petrov (BUL), Peter Wells & Keith Arkell (both ENG); 2 International Masters (Brandon Clarke and Mike Basman – both ENG); and 3 FMs – Murad Abdulla (SCO), Peter Sowray and Rafe Martyn (both ENG).
  • 38 entries for the Northumbria Challengers (Under 2000).
  • 12 entries for the Northumbria Major (Under 1750).
  • 26 entries for the Northumbria Minor (Under 1500).