Latest ECF Grades & FIDE Ratings to be used in Northumbria Masters events

The July 2019 ECF Grades and the August 2019 FIDE ratings will be used to determine which sections players are eligible for in the 2019 Northumbria Masters.

While the Northumbria Masters tournament is open to all players, this rule applies to the Challengers (Under 2050 FIDE & Under 180 ECF) and Major (Under 1825 FIDE and 150 ECF).

Please note: We are using a double qualification system: That is to say that BOTH your FIDE rating AND your ECF grade must be below the limits to qualify for the ECF grading & FIDE rating limited tournaments.

For example, if a player’s FIDE rating rises from 1800 to 1900 on the August 2019 FIDE rating list, but their ECF grade falls from 155 to 145 on the July ECF grading list, they would be ineligible to enter the Major (Under 1825 FIDE and 150 ECF) and have to play in either the Challengers (Under 2050 FIDE and 180 ECF) or the Masters. Having EITHER an ECF grade OR a FIDE rating higher than the limit means a player must move up a section.

Conversely, if your August 2019 FIDE rating and July 2019 ECF grade were to fall below the limits, you would be allowed to enter the lower section if you wish to do so.

Also, the August 2019 FIDE ratings will be used to determine performance prizes in all sections (Masters, Challengers and Major).

If an entry is received for one section, and due to grade and/or rating changes it is necessary to move up a section, then that player will be informed by email of the change.

No extra entry fee will be charged in such cases (eg when a player is transferred from the Challengers to the Masters, their entry fee would remain the same as they paid to enter the lower section).

If a player expresses by email the wish to withdraw from the congress rather than move up a section, that player’s entry fee will be automatically returned to them. Please note, however, that the congress does not accept any liability for cancelled accommodation or travel costs in such cases.

If you think you may be required to change section after the July ECF grades and/or FIDE ratings are published, please feel free to get in touch with the tournament director, Tim Wall, at: We will endeavour to answer all your queries in a timely manner.