Frequently Asked Questions

If – for whatever reason – you were not able to pay during initial registration, or you need to pay for additional services (e.g. Junior Coaching), you can access our online store directly by clicking the link below:


However, before paying we require you to fill in our registration form (so that we could check your eligibility etc.), therefore – if you haven’t already done so – we strongly recommend following our standard 2-step registration process.
If you would like to do that, please click the link below:


The easiest way to enter the Northumbria Masters Congress is using our online registration portal. This is a 2-step process:

In Step 1, give your personal information.

In Step 2, choose your tournament or event and pay using our secure online payment system.

You can access our registration portal by clicking the blue button in the top right corner, or alternatively >>> CLICK HERE

Simply >>> CLICK HERE and enter your surname.

This ECF Member Finder will show if you are a paid-up member, which category your membership is in and what date your membership expires. It also shows your membership number.

Yes, you can. In this case, you are charged a pay-to-play fee of £12 for FIDE-rated events, and £9 for non-FIDE-rated events. This fee is collected by the Congress and passed along to the ECF.

Please note: A pay-to-play fee only covers you for the Northumbria Masters Congress, not other congresses or tournaments. So it may be cheaper to take out the required ECF membership fee if you are planning to play in multiple tournaments in any 12-month period.

If you are entering your first chess congress and are unsure which event to enter, you should probably enter one of the lower rated sections (Foundation or Minor).

You can seek advice from the Congress Director by writing to: with details of any over-the-board results (or an estimate of your rating).
The Congress will not usually take online ratings into account in such cases.

The Congress Director reserves the right to assign an entrant without a FIDE or other national federation rating in the most appropriate tournament. In such cases, the entry fees for that tournament apply.

If you are playing in the Masters, Challengers, Major, Minor or Foundation tournaments and require disabled/wheelchair access, the playing area is accessible at Lower Ground Level via an entrance at the rear of Forest Hall Social Club.

Please note there are steps down to the playing area from the front entrance of the Social Club at Ground Level.

Both the disabled toilet and cafeteria area are at Ground Level, not Lower Ground Level, and therefore a player with a disability/mobility issues would require assistance.

Unfortunately, it is not recommended for players with a disability/mobility issues to take part in the Titled Team Tournaments in the First-Floor Function Room, as there is no lift access.

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