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5 title norms at Northumbria Masters

A grand total of five players scored international title norms at the Northumbria Masters Congress, held 26-30 August at the Marriott MetroCentre, Gateshead. The congress was sponsored by Chess in Schools and Communities and the English Chess Federation, plus other chess organisations. The Northumbria Masters GM tournament was won jointly […]

Northumbria Masters: Haria, Harvey & Murphy lead GM norm hunt

Tim Wall 27 August 2021 The 2021 Northumbria Masters Congress was in full swing on Friday 27 August, with a record 212 players playing across a total of six events. The biggest UK chess congress this year, the Northumbria Masters Congress kicked off on Thursday evening at the Marriott MetroCentre […]

Northumbria Masters Reaches Maximum Capacity, Entries Closed

Thanks to an impressive total of 193 entries for the Masters (Open), Challengers (Under 2000), Major (Under 1750) and Minor (Under 1500) tournaments, we have now reached the maximum capacity for players in the public events at the Marriott MetroCentre. Anyone still wishing to enter any of these public events […]