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4th EJCOA International: 24-28/10/22

Tarun Kanyamarala (left) and Thomas Eggleston (right) at the 1st EJCOA IM event at Forest Hall Social Club in October 2021. (Photo: Ⓒ Paul Charlton 2021)

Applications are welcome for the 5th EJCOA International, to be held at Forest Hall Social Club, Errington Terrace, Palmersville, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 9DQ.

Dates: 24-28 October, 2022.

Two FIDE-rated 9-round tournaments:

IM norm all-play-all tournament (10 players)
Lineup so far:
1 IM Matthew Wadsworth (ENG) 2423
2 FM Rajat Makkar (FRA) 2396
3 IM Gavin Wall (IRL) 2306
4 FM Tim Wall (ENG) 2290
5 IM Stephen Mannion (SCO) 2237
6 FM Andrew Burnett (SCO) 2233
+ 4 more players (to be announced)

IM Tournament entrants at Chess-results.com

Challengers Swiss (max. 20 players)
Entries so far:
1 Rohan Pal (ENG) 1913
2 Emma Salazar Eyre (ENG) 1500

Challengers Tournament entrants at Chess-results.com

To apply, please download the entry form here

Entry fees: IM Norm Tournament: £175; Challengers Tournament: £50

ECF Gold membership required for all ENG-affiliated players1

Playing schedule (for both tournaments)

R1: Monday 24 October, 11:00am          R2: Monday 24 October, 4:00pm
R3: Tuesday 25 October, 9:00am           R4: Tuesday 25 October, 2:00pm
R5: Wednesday 26 October, 11:00am    R6: Wednesday 26 October, 4:00pm
R7: Thursday 27 October, 11:00am        R8: Thursday 27 October, 4:00pm
R9: Friday 28 October, 10:00am

Time control: All moves in 90 minutes, plus 30 seconds per move.

IM Norm Tournament: Average rating 2283.5+, IM norm = 6.5/9

FIDE-rated Challengers Swiss tournament (maximum capacity of 20 entries)

Prizes: 1st £250, 2nd £125, 3rd £75. Top U18 on 1/1/22 £50, Top Female Player £50

Email your application to: timpeterwall@gmail.com

First Name ____________________  Surname _____________________________

FIDE ID Code: __________ National Chess Federation ______________________

Event(s) entering: IM norm ________________ Challengers __________________

Email: __________________________________ Tel: _______________________

Please transfer your entry fee to: UK Chess Events Ltd, Barclays Sort Code 20-59-43, Acc. No. 2344 1954. (Include your name as reference.)